Our Beliefs

» God | There is only one true God revealed in three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

» Jesus | As God's son Jesus is both human and divine. He lived a perfect life, died on the cross, raised from the dead, and ascended into heaven. We eagerly anticipate the day He will return again.

» Holy Spirit | God’s Spirit indwells in all who follow Jesus and daily guides the believer. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is available to all. It is an experience separate from salvation and empowers believers to grow closer to God and live a life consistent with the Bible.

» The Bible | The Bible is God’s inspired Word. The scriptures are God’s revelation of himself to us, they are infallible (never wrong), and are the authority for our beliefs and conduct.

» Salvation | All have sinned and are thus separated from God. Jesus’ death and resurrection provides the opportunity for salvation and redemption to all those who believe.

» Baptism | Baptism in water is an outward symbol of an inward commitment to Jesus Christ. Baptism is reserved for those who made a profession of their faith in Christ.

» Communion | The elements of communion are symbols of Christ’s death and a reminder to the believer that salvation is a result of Christ’s sacrifice.

» The Church | The church is the body of Christ and exists to share Christ’s love, worship God, build up individuals in their relationship with Christ, and show compassion and God’s love to the world.

» Prayer | Talking to God is the privilege of all who follow Jesus. Prayer is powerful, and through prayer God heals, restores, delivers, and speaks to His people.

» Eternity | People are eternal beings who will either spend eternity with God or apart from Him.

Mount Hope Church is an Assemblies of God Church.

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