Mental health counseling can help you work through a variety of issues, such as depression, anxiety, life adjustment challenges, or trauma. You can do this individually, or couples can receive marriage counseling together. Some families are also appropriate for family therapy. Church Therapy Associates does not provide counseling to children under the age of 12. Adolescents 12 and over require their parents’ permission to attend counseling.
Mount Hope has partnered with Church Therapy Associates, a non-profit that provides professional mental health counseling services in our building. These services are provided at a low cost to you so that everyone has the opportunity to meet with a counselor either weekly or biweekly.
The Church Therapy Associates counselors are Master’s-level counseling students working under intensive weekly supervision. They will meet with you in an office at our church at a scheduled appointment time. The first session will involve signing paperwork, talking about your background, discussing your goals for counseling, and setting up your subscription fee. Most clients have at least 10-12 sessions, but some meet for six months or even a year or more. The length of your counseling will depend on your mental health needs and desires. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes.
If you are already seeing a counselor or therapist somewhere else, you should generally continue meeting with that person unless you feel the counseling is unhelpful to you. If you are not meeting with a counselor and would like to give it a try, give us a call to schedule an appointment.
Counseling Intern on Staff: JooKyeung Min, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Kristen Kansiewicz, LMHC is the founder and director of Church Therapy Associates, Inc. She provides clinical supervision to all of the counseling interns and helps create new partnerships for churches who want to offer mental health care. She has worked on staff at East Coast International Church in Lynn, Massachusetts since 2005 providing mental health care in the church setting. You can find out more about Church Therapy Associates on ChurchTherapy.com.