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    A Church Is Born

    October, 1978: Mount Hope Christian Center, originally known as The Assemblies of God Christian Center, is planted by Pastor Harvey and Jean Meppelink. The church meets at the Masonic Temple near the Lexington Battle Green.

  • Moves within Lexington, MA

    1978 - 1985: The Assemblies of God Christian Center moves into the Grey Nuns Provincial House in Lexington, MA. Approximately six months later, in July of 1979, The Christian Center moved into the Lexington Christian Academy building. Again, two and a half months later,  The Christian Center moved into the Monroe School, also in Lexington.

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    Christian School

    October, 1982: The Christian Center Elementary School opens its doors to the community

  • Move to Burlington, MA

    September 1985: The Meadowbrook School in Burlington at 3 McGinnis Drive is renovated to become the new home of The Christian Center and The Christian Center Elementary School.

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    Robert Crosby Appointed as Pastor

    February 1992: God calls the Meppelinks to Springfield, MO, to a new role at the Assemblies of God Headquarters. Pastor Robert and Pamela Crosby and  their three children move from Ohio to accept the senior pastorate at The Christian Center.

  • A New Identity

    Spring 2000: In the spring of the year 2000, the church is officially renamed to Mount Hope Christian Center

  • Rick Picariello Appointed as Pastor

    January 2007: In the summer of 2006 Pastor Robert Crosby follows the Lord’s leading  to accept the role of Vice President of Student Development at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL.Pastor Rick Picariello accepts the call to the Senior Pastorate at Mount Hope Christian Center. Pastor Rick, his wife Wendy, and their son Isaac, had been previously attending Mount Hope  where he had served as an Associate Pastor for six years.

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    Family Life Center Opens

    October 2013: Mount Hope completes the construction of the Family Life Center, a multi-purpose facility to function as a gymnasium and large meeting space for the church and school events.

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    Belmont Campus Launches

    September 2015: Mount Hope launches a second campus in Belmont at 51 Lexington Street with Pastor Brian Krogh serving as the Belmont Campus Pastor.