Sunday, September 26, 2021 - 9:00am
Campus: Belmont Campus, Burlington Campus
Speaker: Rev. Eddie Stewart
Scripture: Luke 9:28-43
# In Sermon Series: 3

We have often heard it said that when one doesn't feel close to God, ask yourself the question, "Who moved?". Even those who have been transformed by the Lord and have walked with Him for some time continue to have questions and still find themselves in the valley at times. As we continue to dive deep into the book of Luke, we understand that as believers we will walk through mountaintop experiences as well as valleys. Those mountaintop experiences are crucial to how we will handle the valley. Listen in to this week's sermon to hear about what the disciples learned from their mountaintop experience and how they handled their time in the valley. May it be an encouragement to you in your walk with Christ when you have questions or walk through difficult times.

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