At Mount Hope, we recognize Global Outreach and celebrate the work of God through our Partners. Our Partners bring the Gospel to various countries and people-groups around the world. We use Faith Promises to raise funds to support these and potential partners. Scroll further to find answers to questions you may have about Faith Promises. 

What is a Faith Promise?

Faith Promise is commitment you’re making towards our Global Outreach efforts at Mount Hope. When making a Faith Promise, you can make one or more of the following commitments:

1. Give: You commit to giving a one-time or a monthly gift for the next 12 months (Nov 2023-Oct 2024)

2. Participate: You commit to joining our local partners in the efforts to care for and reach the people in our neighborhoods. There are a variety of ways you may serve the people of New England.

3. Go: Mount Hope is hosting a trip to Turkey in 2024. You may use this to request more information about the trip and indicate your interest in joining us on this trip.

4. Pray: Commit to praying for one or more of our partners for the next year.

5. Other: You may already be involved in missions on your own. We would like to hear about it. This may be an area that we may not know about and that the church can partner with.

What is the relationship between Faith Promise and giving a tithe?

Faith Promise giving is over and above the tithe. In tithing, you recognize God’s generosity towards you and your obedience to God by giving Him a portion of what you have. Your tithe and other offerings may be purposed in a variety of ways to run our local congregation. However, your Faith Promise Giving is restricted to Missions and a 100% of your missions giving goes to the support of our Missions Partners. Faith Promise is a way for us to give specifically toward reaching the unreached of the world.

How do I make a Faith Promise?

Your first step is to pray, seeking the Lord about how you may be involved in Global Outreach this year. If you’re not able to go globally, there are still many ways you can live out Jesus’ command to make disciples. As you pray, the Holy Spirit will lead you to give, participate, go, or to pray. Prayerfully again consider the amount you can faithfully purpose to give. Do not be surprised at what God calls you to do. The next step to making the Faith Promise to be obedient and follow where God leads you.  A Faith Promise will stretch your ability to give and will take faith.

On Sunday, October 29, our congregations were invited to make the Faith Promises in person during our services. If you missed this service, you may still make one online by clicking/tapping here.

I’ve made my Faith Promise, what’s next?

Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can be a part of God’s work in reaching the world. And for taking this first step of responding through your Faith Promise. Depending on the options you selected, the next steps will vary. If you commit to giving, please go to mounthope.org/give and tap on the Give Online button. If you do not have an account with us, the system will walk you through setting one up. Once the account has been setup, you may give your one-time gift or schedule your monthly giving. Please select the Global Outreach Fund. This will help our business office direct your Faith Promise Giving to the right ministries. If you would like to give in-person, please use one of our Giving-Envelopes and drop it off at Giving Box in our Sanctuary.

If you committed to participate, go, or to pray, one of our Global Outreach Teams will follow up with you.

Who can make a Faith Promise?

Anyone! If you consider yourself a follower of Jesus, and have a desire that others do the same, you can make a Faith Promise. We encourage everyone, including our youth and children to step out in faith and make a commitment to missions.