Monday, June 7, 2021 - 10:45am
Campus: Belmont Campus
Speaker: Justin Joseph
Scripture: Luke 6:46-49
# In Sermon Series: 1

We've all experienced circumstances in life that cause us concern, make us a worry, or maybe even truly shake us.  So, how do we live a life that is unshakeable when circumstances are difficult?  How do we build a solid foundation so that we are able to stand firmly?  This week, as we dive back into the book of Luke, we take a look at scripture where Jesus teaches us, as Christians, what it truly means to build our life on a firm foundation and how to live out an unshakeable life each and every day.  Jesus is quite clear in His Word that how we build our life and on what foundation will determine how we respond in difficult circumstances.

An Unshakable Life // Belmont