Sunday, February 11, 2024 - 10:00am
Campus: Belmont Campus
Scripture: Genesis 39
# In Sermon Series: 2

Temptation. Just hearing the word itself as Christians can make us cringe or feel uncomfortable. That's because we know that we all face temptation in our everyday lives. We may not want to deal with it or maybe we simply don't know how to deal with the temptations that are before us, but as part of our walk, they will come and we need to ready. So what are we to do when faced with a temptation?

In learning about the life of Joseph in our most recent sermon series, Intended for Good, this week we focus on the portion of his life where he was directly faced with temptation. How did Joseph overcome and resist this temptation? Listen in to learn that though the enemy's intention is to draw us away from Christ, we can still overcome temptations in our life when we face them in the manner that God instructs us to.

Intended for Good: Temptations // Belmont