Sunday, October 31, 2021 - 9:00am
Campus: Burlington Campus
Speaker: Pastor Rick Picariello
Scripture: Luke 10:1-12
# In Sermon Series: 3

At Mount Hope, what excites us most is to see people responding to Jesus, both locally and globally. In this mission to see the Gospel shared and lives transformed, a question we often grapple with is this: "What is our place in this mission?" As Christ followers, we are called to take the good news of the Gospel to every person around the world. How does that translate to each of us? What is our place in this mission? As a church, we have the privilege to partner with many who committed their lives to this mission. Most of them have left their homes and loved ones and moved to places around the world. While most of us within the church aren't able to do the same, we still have a role to play in God's mission. Join us as we consider our place and God's call.

Global Outreach Celebration 2021 - Faith Promise // Burlington