12/20/2020 - 9:00am | Campus: Burlington Campus

The Christmas story tells us of the steps of faith that Mary had to take. It was a great unknown what her life would look like if all that God told her would come true. When God calls His people, it is into such steps of faith that He calls them. What are the steps of faith that you are called to? Join us as we consider what God is calling us to do.

12/13/2020 - 10:45am | Campus: Belmont Campus

What is your greatest need? As we come to the Christmas season, we often think about the things we want and need. But if we're honest with ourselves, none of these address our greatest need. God sent His Son to this earth to address a need that we all have. Join us as we explore what this need is and how God resolves it. 

12/06/2020 - 9:00am | Campus: Belmont Campus, Burlington Campus

As we enter the Advent season, we reflect on the people of Israel as the expectantly waited on God for the arrival of the Messiah. This Advent season, follow this journey with us in the book of Luke.