At both of our locations in Burlington and Belmont, we are moving to two in-person services starting Sunday, September 20, 2020. We'd love for you to join us this weekend in-person or online at 9am & 11am. If you're joining us online, you can do so by going to mounthope.org/live.

We have a capacity of 30 people in Belmont and 55 people in Burlington for both services. These numbers include seating in the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall (Belmont), Café (Burlington). Seating in these locations is available on a first-come basis.

As a reminder, REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND. This helps us to plan ahead and arrange seating for all. It is currently open and will close once the service is full. Please note that we will not be able to add any more people once the service is fully registered.

To read about some of the UPDATED precautions we are taking and what's expected of you as you attend, please click here.