Join us for our next Sunday Night Project featuring Devin D. Marks. Devin is the president of myTEDtalk.com, the nation's first TED talk-focused. online, speaker prep and story craft firm. 
Award-winning, the firm's clients range from CEOs to theologians, war vets to startups to thought leaders including Dr. Robert Waldinger, a Harvard researcher who delivered the most viral TEDx talk in the history of TED.com (currently ranked in the top 25 of all-time talks; clocking 1.5M+ views in less than 1 8 months). 
Over the last two decades, in various capacities, Devin's story-shaping insights have been featured, highlighted, and quoted on the pages of the Syracuse Herald-Journal, the Tampa Tribune, the Boston Globe. the Washington Post, and numerous other print, broadcast, and digital outlets.